the Cozy Room

…yeah yeah, I am still working on this piece! 😀 I think it might be finished v soon though…. (ahem)




Ghreg sculpt

Still working away on Ghreg! Should be finishing the scales this week, then the base!



Bearded Dragon Sculpt

Spend all day at work in Zbrush, come home and have a cup of tea and repeat!
(I have recently changed jobs!  Awesome new studio and about 1000x more opportunity to grow and learn new things, especially with Zbrush.  Watch this space!)



Had a bit of a cruddy day. Don’t really know why, just felt very Meh. It happens! Thankfully I feel better now, thanks to husband, hellhounds, and a large bowl of cereal (and red wine). Even felt up to tackling some more scales on this bad girl!