Bearded Dragon Sculpt

Sculpting more scales tonight…


Laura Bow – ship

… because I am not busy enough, I have added on a bit of freelance!  Really awesome project though, more details to follow.  Currently working on a huge ship, first time I have done something like this (other than when I made a pirate ship when I was very new to 3d with about 10 billion polys…)


Cute shop – Siamese cat

Jumped back into sculpting this guy! Have to remember I don’t need to do too many details, as he is going to be pretty low poly in the end, to go with the Hamster Ramen cafe I made ages ago…
Kitter is a very easygoing man. He loves running the coffee shop and always has interesting things on the menu, made from the freshest ingredients. He won’t admit it, but he is a total coffee snob. His husband is the biology teacher at the local high school and is a Tokay gecko. Kitty always has fresh croissants and OJ waiting for when he comes over to have lunch.
Or something like that.

Cute Shops – Siamese Cat

One of my goals for the (rapidly approaching) end of the year – finish off a few personal pieces that have been sitting gathering dust for ages. Worked on this guy briefly today using another model of mine for the base, that’s why he looks really gnarly! Taking shape though!

Roger the Alien – again

I’m trying to use every precious moment I can to make art in and my lunch break consists of small stints on this dude – he wore a costume in a recent episode that I really, really need to sculpt and possibly 3dprint as a present for my husband… this is about 30 minutes so far.
I really want to take this sculpt home and work on it more, but then I know I will not finish any of the others waiting desperately in line!

Long time followers will remember I did a sculpt of Roger ages ago – one of my first ever finished 3d models!  Will be interesting to see the difference