Roger the Alien – Christian Cowan

Moving mulch, dirt and stones in 104 deg heat is really difficult! Short, sweaty sessions, but I am getting things done. Plus, getting a tan.

Roger got a tweak too, tried a new technique for posing in zbrush and I am kicking myself that I didn’t try posing this way before as it is so much faster.

Cozy room

Guys, it happened. It finally happened. Tonight I finished all the modelling for this scene. Just need to finish UVing and then textures. I might (might) add the doggo that is in the concept as well, we will see how full of hate and bile I am when I finish the writing desk!
(For those who are new to my page – I have been trying to finish this scene for literally years. It just refuses to be finished, but I am too stubborn to walk away from it at this point)