Raptor Alley (Dinosaur Dystopia)

A speed sculpt I finished a little while ago but then forgot to put online!

Based on an illustration by Francisco Riolobos. I came across Francisco’s art quite recently and love his graphical, flat style – plus you can’t go wrong with dinosaurs and dystopia. I wanted to see if I could capture the graphic/comic book nature of his work, so I set myself this piece as a “speed sculpt” (about 13 hours over a few days)It was hard to choose which illustration I wanted to match as they are all so lovely, but I liked the graffiti and cast shadows in this one so it is hopefully the first of many.


Stereo Spinal – Final image

I need to make a rule that I can’t start a new project until the old finished one is up on my website – because I keep forgetting to do final images! Finished this one ages ago (and have two others to post too).
While I was pleased with it at the time, now that I know how to use Substance Painter there are so many changes I would make! An excuse to make another grotesque monstrosity perhaps?
More images at my website (allyalbon.com)





Greyhound Bar – Lighting in Unreal

Spent this morning refreshing on lighting in Unreal. Head hurts now, but getting closer. Trying to keep it realistic, but stylised (…whut) and with a Bioshock overtone of saturated, bloom light (no bloom in here yet though). I have pretty much finished the copper roof and the wood surrounds. Floor next, I think!