Artstation – Beneath the Waves

Bit more done – some new corals, objects, just slowly filling the world. Most base meshes done, time to start detailing and texturing!





Beneath the Waves – Artstation Challenge

I can’t remember if I posted anything here, but I am taking part in Artstation’s Beneath the Waves challenge and thought it would be an opportune time to get to know Unity better.  Very basic stuff so far, but I am absolutely loving Unity’s new post processing stack!!!  Starting to feel like I am getting somewhere with it.

(And yes, I know I am once again in the middle of too many projects, I have a problem, help me)

Revisiting an older, unfinished piece!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday, and had a nice Christmas!  I’ve not been on here much because I moved house recently and am still unpacking, and then worked some pretty gruelling hours at work… and also due to making art.  A lot isn’t worth showing yet – but I also made a resolution to finish this older piece that has been sitting gathering dust on the HD, so today it was dusted off and a bit more modelling achieved!


Cat Cafe – base colours

I just moved into my very own house!  No more renting!  I can paint the walls bright colours and finally have a garden all of my own!  My dogs are utterly thrilled with the extra space and one of the best moments so far has been sweeping up the leaves while they sundozed in bliss.

Also had time to throw some colours onto the Cat Cafe – hope to finish it up this week