The Greyhound Bar

So typical. I finish blocking out the scifi scene in Unreal… and then an awesome challenge opens up on Polycount.
Debated which I should do, and have decided to go ahead with the competition for now – it’s theme is art deco/nouveau and scifi… so of course I have to give that a shot. I am going to make a small bar – it will give me a chance to learn Substance Designer/Painter, and also Unreal practice. Moodboard knocked up this morning!

In Which my Plans are Changed – Again!

Had some very good news which has left me in a very good mood – however, it has changed my carefully constructed gameplan somewhat…
Instead of working full blast on the Gems Home, I am also learning PBR texturing and tried Substance Designer for the first time today.
Only just barely touched the surface and am very, very excited at the potential. I need to do a PBR scene next!