Still chipping away at this old girl; been playing with scale type detailing at work which has come in handy here!



Quick Handpainted Fishy

I have been so. busy.  including a 10 day international trip to catch up with family.  I’m still very jetlagged and not quite sure what time it is.  However, back home means I have time for some art and doing some hand painting, my favourite!  (model isn’t mine, texture only)


New Hand-painted character!

Wow, it’s been ages since I have posted and even longer since I have finished a piece!  That will change, going to try and get all of my unfinished works done by end of year.  I’m working full time at a games studio on Call of Duty and its been surprisingly hard to get any personal works done in the evenings recently – but watch this space!
As well as the above bits that need to be finished, I also had a craving to start this piece which will be hand painted… any ideas who it is? 😀