Two lovely ladies



Drawing people is most certainly my weakness. I used to ignore the existence of human beings, instead preferring to draw dragons and monsters – whoops!

If there is anything I can recommend to other wannabe artists, it would be to draw people. Seriously. Because you will not be able to escape it, unless you are very, very good and find a very specialised niche!

It’s hard, really hard – but the more I draw people, the more fun it becomes and the easier too. Learning how muscles work and how colours blend and that skin colour is fun –   although I am still a very, very long way away.  Light years, perhaps. But have to start somewhere.

First pic is a quickie from reference, second is from imagination…. my imagination needs a good talking to.






4 thoughts on “Two lovely ladies

  1. Interesting that the eyes on the reference pic are a little squ-whiff but perfectly balanced on the second one. There is better depth on the first one though. Good show all around. People are hard because we instinctively know if something looks wrong even if we can’t pin down why. And no matter what, you are still amazingly talented. 🙂


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