Little Bit at the market

Tried to post this yesterday, but it broke! Second time lucky…

This picture… was both my baby and the bane of my life on and off for the past three weeks.

It was a fantastic exploration.  I wanted to play with three different ideas; hue, texture and creating a group scene.  I learned a deal about all three topics and so am very pleased.  It felt like the process would never end, though! However,  I have just tallied up my time and it took about 16 hours all in all, mostly fiddling and playing with ideas – so not as bad as I thought.
Anyway, am happy with the outcome.  Little Bit with her dad, visiting the local market.  The next one will be better!

2 thoughts on “Little Bit at the market

  1. thanks – originally there were actually going to be pigeons scattered around, and the view was from a group of birds sitting by camera – good to know the visual still worked without them.


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