Folio Academy

I am knee deep in art, at the point where I have five pictures to finish, and ideas for ten more.  At this stage, I often throw up my hands in despair and go and have a cup of tea and watch Arrested Development.

I have found another great way to get around this – I stop and watch other people painting, and every time I come back with something new.  Youtube is great for this, and a lot of my favourite artists have their own pages.

Seeing as I can’t go back to school, I have found a few places online that offer tutorials and classes and they have been my life-blood for the past few months.  Places like make me dribble – but are a bit out of my reach at present.  However, I have found possibly the most awesome website through the work of Will Terry- one of my idols. He has online videos along with lots of other artists and they are more than affordable.

The website is and they have, by far, some of the most accessible vids I have bought.  I was concerned at first that I would end up trying to draw like him, but instead I am taking the principles from the vid and making them my own – and isn’t that what it is all about?

I am off to watch a video about illustrating children’s books – and I might be about to treat myself to a brand new vid.  I will do some drawing today, I promise.

(what I should be working on rather than watching videos…)



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