Best of British

Can’t…. stop…. drawing!


Something slightly different this time.  Wanted to try a more graphical piece and this was a lot of fun! Picked out some of my favourite British birds (can you guess them all?!).  Would love to make a t-shirt or poster with this lot.

Not too happy with the layout, was trying to go for a hear shaped outline almost, but I think it is lopsided.  Think I might rearrange the gang into more of a circle for the absolute final piece.



4 thoughts on “Best of British

  1. Love this! Stick with the heart shape. Just play around with the size and orientation of some of the birdies. You just need to try and get the point at the bottom using birds with tails that point the right way, and then try and even up the bulges for the top of the heart. Almost there with it, I think. I think it would make a great t-shirt: license it to the RSPB! 😉


    1. Ta Hon, will have a play around. You shall be my official heart shaper person. Would love to approach the RSPB with some ideas! Perhaps in the new year. Maybe I should add more birdies to my portfolio…. hmmm….. 🙂


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