Quick Photoshop Tutorial

A couple of people have asked me about my process when painting in Photoshop.  I had this picture saved in several stages and thought I would throw this together for fun – not a true tutorial, but a guide of sorts.  I will do another better one in the future, but thought some people might like to get a glimpse into one of my processes.


3 thoughts on “Quick Photoshop Tutorial

  1. Love seeing how other artists work with photoshop—fantastic! Do you often work with your opacity set to pen pressure or is that something you mostly use in your sketching phase?


    1. Hi Jon – I tend to use photoshop’s “soft round pressure opacity” brush for sketching and a lot of painting, but I also use a few brushes I have made myself without opacity set to pen pressure – I will drop “flow” down to about 75-90% which seems to work in a similar way to opacity/pressure – hope that is of interest!


      1. Yes of great interest. Setting opacity to pen pressure never works for me since a physical brush doesn’t work that way. My brain fights it every time! I love how everyone who settles into a long term relationship with photoshop finds that groove that works for them. Thanks for sharing! By the way, I really enjoy your textures. Keep up the great work!


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