Muppets Pirates – Rizzo and Robin

Numbers 3 and 4 – The hero, Robin! (asides from his Uncle, of course) and his sidekick, Rizzo.  Rizzo is one of my favourite Muppets, if only because he is a rat and I have a soft spot for them.  Plus, he has a great voice.  I can’t wait until Christmas, because I can watch the Muppet Christmas Carol, one of the best things ever made.

Is it possible to say the word Muppet too often?




5 thoughts on “Muppets Pirates – Rizzo and Robin

  1. Well, including the title of this post and your tags, I’m seeing 7 muppets. Add in the two you’ve painted and we’ve got 9…9 muppets! Ah ah ah!! (think The Count from Sesame Street)
    Call me crazy, but I’m thinking we’re gonna need more muppets. =)


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