I was in the local supermarket today, purchasing grapes and apples in an attempt to appease the lingering Christmas sweet tooth when I had to do a double-take – there are already Easter eggs in the shops!

Whilst surprising, it also a reminder that most retailers are having to think six months, 12 months down the line – it isn’t about what’s happening next week or next month, it is about the long term.  I struggle to think this way but find more and more that long-term decisions are necessary  and that one cannot expect immediate results most of the time! (unless you are particularly craving an Easter egg straight after Christmas.  I for one have had enough chocolate to last the rest of the year).

However, this has also got me thinking about cards –   I would not mind dipping a toe into the greeting card industry and was originally intending to try making some samples for Christmas – oops.  That didn’t happen.  Perhaps I had better get my bunny slippers on and start doing some mocks this weekend.

Still working on bits for Schoolism! Halfway through designing a new version of Jekyll and Hyde – thought I would share a development sketch.





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