Pet Portrait graphic – labrador cross

I have been quiet recently because I have a lot of work that I can’t show yet – if ever! I am still drawing and painting and scribbling away…

For this dog portrait I decided to go back to Illustrator – a program I love but don’t have the opportunity to play with as often as I would like.  I am still exploring ideas for the future – but I really, really love working in a graphical style with lots of textures and this was a brilliant way to do both!  This was a lot more satisfying to me than just straight up pet portraits and I think I will do more with it.

However, I would love your opinion on the different ideas below. Do you have a favourite from these images? Is simple best or a splash of colour and texture your thing? Let me know!  And you will be seeing a lot more pet portraits in the future, methinks.




2 thoughts on “Pet Portrait graphic – labrador cross

  1. Top right, the one without the outlines. It looks more natural and less like a drawn item. The outlined ones remind me of Watership Down for some reason.


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