Artist Review 1

I thought it might be fun to occasionally share with you a selection of my favourite and most inspiring artists – whose art, and often their attitudes, I particularly appreciate and am drawn to.

We shall start with someone who is possibly one of the biggest influences on me simply because of his amazing attitude, kindness and spirit – the ever-happy (seemingly) Bobby Chiu.

Bobby first came to my attention at the beginning of my adventure in art simply because he drew critters. Weird critters. Weird furry, scaly, smiley, glowy fun things that can’t help but make you smile. Then I realised that he had build an entire career, and a very illustrious one, around his little beasties. He took things even further by setting up Imaginism Studios and Schoolism. Now if that is not a great goal to aim for, I don’t know what is.

Bobby is particularly well known for the fact he is just so encouraging to all aspiring artists – Please do go listen to his youtube podcasts:-

I have gotten into the habit of listening to him on my walk to work, when I am feeling particularly down that I have not yet hit the goals I am reaching for, that they haven’t happened yet (although I am a very impatient soul) and having him yell and laugh and repeat over and over; “keep going!” is often all that is needed to roll back the sleeves and just get on with it and go, go, go.

“The only true failure is giving up. “

“ The best way to improve is to love what you do! Concentrate on why you enjoy art and have fun with it. “

“Don’t let where you start dictate where you’ll finish.”

So seriously. Go look at his work. And even more so, go listen to and watch his videos on Youtube. You may need no other cheerleader in life.

NOTE – Bobby has a project on kickstarter! I have “kicked” – and you will want to when you see what he is up to…


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