Larry and Harry

I am really excited – probably far too much so – but today I ordered the very first pet portrait on canvas.  This is a personal image, to test the quality of both a print on canvas and a print on paper (for framing etc). I can’t wait for it to arrive!! If I am happy (and I have very high standards) then I will start to offer not only digital portraits, but prints, canvases, embedded acrylic, framed prints and posters. Cant wait…

I am also working on my portrait website – two weeks at most and it will be finished.  Eventually, I will be posting pet portraits only on this wordpress :

in order to spare those here for concept art and illustration from the constant stream of furry, drooling quadrupeds – so please come join me over there if you want to continue to see all the dawgs!

To tide you over, a recent dog portrait of two Old English Sheepdogs – Larry and Harry. Two pets with huge personalities and appetites to match.




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