Well, the lovely Sansa pushed me over 100 watchers!  Hmm. Perhaps I should run some sort of competition for hitting 250?

I have been so busy, it isn’t funny.  However, I have pretty much finished my new website – just waiting for domain transfer now.  I am also in the middle of about 6 different paintings that should be ready soon.  No to mention the 3d modelling – I started properly today and it is so much fun and so frustrating and I need at least 100 more hours in the day, please!

For now – a mix of different sketches.  Most are 10 mins or less.  I need to get back to the basics and try and do more fundamentals every day – it is the only way to get better.

allyalbon_413_lifedraw allyalbon_412_lifedraw allyalbon_402_chickensketch allyalbon_401_eyesesandnoses allyalbon_400_handsketch


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