Chicken Joust – a home for the Chooks!

One of my rules is that EVERY drawing I do must serve as a learning tool.  Every drawing I do, I have to concentrate and improve on the one that came before. I never just “draw” – I try to constantly observe, learn, work out what I could improve on, try new things… I must admit, it is very tiring not just “doodling”!

However, I think this is an essential learning tool to improve my work over time.    This is my first attempt at drawing a building in a very, very long time!  So that in itself was taxing – and I also wanted to play around with lighting too so I am now very tired!

This stable isn’t particularly impressive at this point – but the important part is that the next. one. will. be. better.  That’s the key to art! Always reaching, striving, learning.

I have a baked potato for dinner and I am really, really looking forward to it!





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