Asset design

Something slightly different – been playing around with creating basic isometric assets.  These are for Sylvia’s house in Chicken Joust.  If I had my way, I would have plants everywhere.  I also have a predisposition towards purple things, obviously.  Don’t hate on the purple!  These were great and I hope to do more shortly.

Quite excited, I am planning on booking in to the self-paced Schoolism Course in Colour and Light tomorrow!!! Time to start exploring more fundamentals.  I love, love, love working in colour and have wanted to learn more about lighting for a long time.  Decided to bite the bullet and pick up the course.  This does mean that something has to be pushed to the side for a couple of months and so the 3d won’t get as much of a workout.  However, my specialty is going to be 2d so I will cope.  And I will get up an hour earlier in the morning to compensate anyway.

Seriously.  I need more hours in the day.  It’s getting silly now.




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