Game of Thrones – Catelyn Stark

Finally, another GoT character!

I really feel for this poor lady, everything seems to go wrong for her.  Hence why I have drawn her slightly drawn and red-faced.

Currently on book 4 – endlessly torn between putting it down and savouring everything that is happening, and desperately reading on to find out what happens.

I have been working on a couple of other paintings for the folio, and today I made playdough!  I have a reason though – I am trying to learn more about light and shadow seeing as I am unable to take a course, and wanted to sculpt my own shapes to study.  I couldn’t find a decent medium that didn’t matter if it dried out, wasn’t too expensive and had some degree of translucency when thin – voila!  I think this might work, will let you know when I attempt my first experiments…

I thing Geoffrey and the Hound will be next. (The Hound is one of my favourite characters – did you know the actor is the guy from the Scotts porridge oats from bygone days! Yum!)allyalbon_442_Game_Thrones_Catelyn_stark1



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