Hora – Forest Dryad

I like this character, and originally redrew her sister about six months ago. I decided to see how much I had grown and drew Hora too.  She took a while and I learnt so much – tried out a lot of new stuff with this one and a lot of it worked, and a lot of it didn’t, and isn’t that half the fun of learning art?
A few things in particular I picked up; Don’t concentrate too much on one spot – you will become a perfectionist and then when you work on the whole image, will realise how unimportant that tiny part was and how much time was wasted unnecessarily.

Don’t draw in isolation – I started this character on a pink background then moved her to a roughed out background and realised I was missing two light sources and the associated shadows.  I also needed to change a lot of base colour tone and a lot of shadow depth to pull her back in.

And thirdly – remember I made myself some “play dough” for learning shadow work? Worked beautifully! until it suddenly turned incredibly mouldy, smelly and quite frankly, rather scary.  home made play dough has a lifespan of about two weeks, peeps!




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