Dragonflight – Kel design 1

I’m working on a new project – designing a game based around two of my favourite things – steampunk and dinosaurs (with a bit of a dragony edge!).  My thoughts are based on a game where a strong element is to capture, train and work some awesome dino type creatures that can be modded to suit needs – eg, transport, swimmers, gunships and (although this is in early stages) flightsuits.  As I say, very early concepts, and more of an excuse to draw cool stuff.

My female protagonist is Kel – sweet but sassy, knows her stuff and is obsessed by the huge, strong, dinosaurs (dinokin?).  She is well known for hanging out with the lads yet remaining delightfully girly.  Plus, corsets and googles.  This is the first pic of her so far.  Tried some new stuff here and rather pleased with where this technique is going, although a bit time consuming.  did I mention plus corsets and googles?

I am rather tired of the constant depiction of skinny, muscled, long legged, big boobed women in games – so I am making an absolute effort to draw my lady with a soft tum and curvy hips.




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