Adventures in 3D

Wow, it’s a hot day!  Unfortunately, aside from washing my front door and putting my carnivorous plants outside to grab themselves some lunch (NOM), I am indoors today – working away.

As I have mentioned here before, I am playing around with 3d.  The next couple of months are rather important in my Husband’s career, and once that is sorted it will allow me to think a bit more about my own future.  I am seriously playing with the idea that I could get somewhere in 3d in a few years time, so have thrown myself in to the learning process (and loving it).  As I say, a lot of it depends on Hubby and whether there are any big changes on the horizon – but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to put my spare time to use!

As I work through my trials and tribbles I thought it might be interesting to put up my journey as I go – because I am self-learning at the moment, access to certain answers are difficult but I think my discoveries may help others in the same position!

Yesterday’s Problem:

Whut?  Where is my checkerboard texture and why does it look like a Jackson Pollock?


I spent 3 HOURS trying to work this out.  Posted on several forums but am notoriously impatient so scoured the internet all evening.  Came close, oh so close, many times but horrifyingly the answers all seemed to be connected with getting a new graphics card – which I can’t do right now.

However, this wonderful site solved the issue in the space of 30 seconds.

Delete the User Preference File in Maya.


And this is the result. This is how it is meant to look!   Time to unwrap some UVs!



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