Actually too sick to draw!

I am alive, although the way I feel right now – barely!

I have been rather unwell the past couple of days.  Not sure if it is the heat ( I lived in OZ, it shouldn’t be!) or food poisoning or just a bug, but I can only sit upright for about ten minutes before I start seeing stars.  My boss had to do without me today.  Although it is sort of nice to have a break – I haven’t felt up to drawing, modelling or anything other than watching a few youtube tutorials… here’s hoping that changes soon as on a normal day I can’t sit still for more than ten minutes without doing something (ask my poor long suffering husband) and having to lie back and do little more than read and watch telly is driving me SPARE!

For now – have a space filler till I return! My first 3d environment. I was about halfway through unwrapping UVs but I can’t even muster up the energy to do that!  Incredibly frustrating.





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