Dragonfight – another Kel Design

I have just discovered a wonderfully hilarious site and thought it was worth sharing – http://eschergirls.tumblr.com – Brilliant topic and some great art – albeit sometimes hilarious.  I like drawing boobies as much as the next girl (ahem) but there is such a dominance in certain genres for exaggeration that it is great to see the mickey taken.

Anyway!  It has finally started to rain!  And two cracks of thunder (how disappointing!!) and finally the air doesn’t feel like you are breathing in a swimming pool.

Tonight’s artwork – another design for Kel in a more realistic fashion.  Another lesson learnt as well – there is not much point putting in 10 hours into a painting like this unless the design of your character is a bit more concrete – I should really have done a few more quick studies as now that I have a more solid design, this time would have been “wasted” in the pipeline as it was not used….however as always I learned a lot and made a groovy hair brush too.  She looks a little old, but I am starting to nail this painting flesh nonsense.

and – curves rock! (Though that corset may be a bit tight…)




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