Kitchen Concept for “Alice”

Followers of this blog will know that I have recently been on a quest to improve drawing environments – well, I kept up the 12 day; “Every day draw an environment” task and here is the final image that resulted – and I have another couple in the works.  Quite pleased with this one and the style is interesting so I am playing a bit more with similar images.  This is a complete rehash of an old painting done about 8 years ago (no, I am not sharing) when I was rather obsessed with American McGee’s Alice.  Quite happy and want to do a few more with this technique!

I always find when exploring “new” art subjects, that on taking a break for a couple of weeks and coming back to it, improvement is more marked.  So watch this space for some hopefully delightful enviro concepts

Next; working on a deeper understanding of human skin tones.

I still have no idea why my website is down.  I am no good at that side of things! My head, it hurts…








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