Pet Portrait – two scheming boys!

I’m still cracking away at my pet portraits!  I have not done as many as I would have liked and to be honest, haven’t really done much with advertising them – yet.  I still think I could do something quite fun on the side with these animal portraits, but alas the project is sitting at third on the list of things to do at present so it might be a while before I can devote time to the  website, advertising etc… however when I do get commissions, I love them!

I’m rather pleased with how these two kitties have turned out.  The ginger tom is the sensible one and the grey is the troublemaker although when they get together and scheme it is a bit Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser…

So if you are looking for a pet portrait along this line – do drop me a line.  I have also found a brilliant printer who make the most gorgeous prints/ canvases.

And breaking extra!  I have found out why my WEBSITE IS STILL DOWN – server problems at the end of the people who hold my domain name, not my site host (it is all far too confusing…) so it will be down until they say otherwise which is incredibly frustrating indeed.

allyalbon_11_Pet Portrait_cats_Ringo_Starr



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