Lifedrawing study – skin colour

I am still here!  Still learning 3d modelling which is not as fun to share as 2d – there is only so often you can post “Lookit!  I have moved pixels!  The model looks the same but the uvs are unwrapped! Believe me!”.  I am still absolutely loving it but at present it is very much a case of one step forward, one step back off a cliff simply because there are so many different programs and aspects of modelling to pick up at this stage.  Still, absolutely loving it.

On the 2d side – my current project is to improve on drawing/painting slightly more realistic people, and also to work more on skin tones.  So I have been doing quite detailed photostudies and then I will work on some non-referenced paintings.  This bloke is based on a photo but I have played around with his proportions a little and caricatured him slightly.  Still, not too shabby with the colours – still need a lot more anatomy work.



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