My Little Pony Fluttershy – 3d model

I thought I would share the reason why I have been quite quiet the past few weeks – because I am becoming more and more obsessed with 3d modelling.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) it is a bit of a time sump and I can sit for hours and hours and hours enjoying every moment – although not so keen on the moment where the model breaks/crashes and you have to spend another two hours working out why. Although I do enjoy the hallelujah moment when you work it all out again!

This is the very first model I have taken from beginning to “end” – although I have not rigged her (so she can be animated) nor has she been through zbrush or any sort of fancy program to give her the high detail level required for many games these days.  But she would be quite happy trotting around on an ipad or handheld game.

Next, I think I will build a small slice of Ponyville and give her a friend to talk to!




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