I think her name is Beans.

Is it really the 1st December already?  EEEP!

Once again, I managed to break my zbrush model!  No idea how, but suddenly I lost my UVS and it wasn’t doing the usual acceptance of a low poly version reinserted at level1. Or at least, not without throwing artifacts from one side of the screen to the other.  I spent far too long fiddling about this afternoon trying to fix it – only to give up in disgust and just re-export the base mesh and rebuild the uvs.  An hour’s work at most – as I fiddled a lot as I went – and voila.  That’s half the frustration of teaching yourself; someone in the know could probably have given me faster tips, but this way the lesson is learned and it will (hopefully!) stick.  I still don’t know why the model did it in the first place – the first two saves were fine – but now I know and I at least got half an hour to play with scales, my favourite part.

Beans says Hi.



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