Castle Gryphon – blockout



Not nervous at all.

Basic block out of my major scene as part of the course I am taking.  It is going to rely a great deal on modular assets, high detail normal maps and lots of plantlife.  The castle was once a pinnacle of society, gorgeous, opulant – but of course that was a long time ago (aka, I want to make lots of statues and decorations and whimsy).  Heavily inspired by Dragonage, of course but hoping to add my own character to it.  Am both excited to get started and terrified.  It seems like a huge project, but I am going to make it fabulous. For now… not so much!  This blockout is pretty much to check scale and angles and I am sure it will all change really soon but for now, am ready to start on some individual assets – eee!

AllyAlbon_321_Castle_Gryphon_blockin AllyAlbon_322_Castle_Gryphon_blockin


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