Castle Gryphon – Terrain textures

Ugh.  I have been rather unwell all week.  My own fault – I boasted that I don’t get ill.  Four days of productivity out the window.  I did, however, enjoy the solid run of Family Guy and Supernatural. Also, Dayquil is strong stuff.

I have managed to make more rocks – I didn’t like the previous ones – and learned how to make terrain textures in Cryengine. Rejigged the scene slightly and changed the lighting.  Not 100% happy with the grass texture (of course) but it is going to be covered up with actual grass and plants, stones and paths etc so I will come back to it later if I am still not content.

Is it bad that I am also trying to plan the next scene I do after this one? 😀

AllyAlbon_340__Castle_Gryphon_terrain_tex1 AllyAlbon_339__Castle_Gryphon_terrain_tex


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