Castle Gryphon

Ugh, I know I have been quiet recently – a mix of a lot of things happening in the real world (some good – watch this space!:D) and also feeling very disheartened every time I opened the castle scene.  I also blame it on playing Dragonage: Inquisition.  They really know their stuff.  And makes me feel like I don’t know mine – but if I keep at it, one day I will get there!

A key “trick” seems to be filling the environment with lots of tasty little distractions – which covers up seams and directs the eye away to travel around, a busy world is a pretty world!  So I am adding “busy” – first up, some smashed rocks.  Quite happy with these although the alpha blend is playing up and trying to be shiny. (why, Cryengine, Why?) Then I made some cliffs and all of a sudden I didn’t hate the scene as much.  Still needs sooo much work, but I don’t hate what I see at the moment.

AllyAlbon_352__Castle_Gryphon_broken_wall AllyAlbon_353__Castle_Gryphon_cliff


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