Llama Face

I think this is the longest I have gone without posting for a while.  I do have a good reason.

I got a dog 😀

I have been yearning for a dog of my own for years – ironic, considering that I worked in the animal industry for most of my adult life – but circumstances were not right.  I wanted a greyhound, so badly.  I adore them.  They are perfection, but our lives were too vague and we were travelling too much.  Then we moved here, and everything was perfect, the stars were aligned, my other half agreed to come to a Greyhound meet and greet to see first hand how awesome these dogs are.  Where a bouncy black female immediately shoved her head into my armpit, then wandered to my other half and did the same.

Yeah, I am insanely happy. She came for a home visit on Friday and immediately settled in.  She is a keeper.

She is currently fast asleep at my feet having knackered herself out on a long walk, then a jog home, and then being chased around the table by me (She’s fast.) It’s a hard life.

And so I find myself playing with my dog rather than working.  She has already done so much for my health, mentally and physically, and I have also made loads of new friends at the dogpark.  Dogs rock.

Aaaaanyway.  As well as my main Cryengine scene, I am working on a few low poly projects as I am very aware that this is the style that I love, and also most of the studios in this area seem to lean towards the low poly, PC or mobile direction, and I need to update my folio.  I found the most adorable pixel art online (Artist unknown) and had to recreate it.  It has a llama.  Nuff said.



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