Pew Pew!

I finally finished my first hard-surface modelling task, ie, I had the time to actually sit down and learn Quixel Ddo.

Fun project –  I really like hard surface modelling –  but also very frustrating as everything seemed to go wrong at each step! Normal map was just not up to my standards and couldn’t seem to improve it and then once in Ddo, realised that a lot of the modelling was causing problems.  Then I had the usual “mine doesn’t look like that!” issues on viewing other people’s Ddo videos on youtube… basically, my teeth were knashing from the word go.  There are a lot of details missing from the concept, simply because if I work on this anymore, I will probably just delete it.

However, it is finished, done, completed and served its purpose as my first hard-surface project  – and I don’t hate it which is always a start.  It has also given me the impetus to start another hard surface project soon, which will hopefully be even better!

AllyAlbon_369__gun_Ddo_RenderAllyAlbon_367__gun_Ddo_Render AllyAlbon_368__gun_Ddo_Render

And the concept piece (I played with the actual gloss more as I wanted a shiny gun)syndicate_concept___app_pistol_by_torvenius-d5e312c (1)


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