Cryengine Street Scene

Yeah, so there is a 99% chance I need a new computer.  I am working on a 5 year old laptop that has travelled crosscountry many times, has done an international move, and generally been manhandled.  It took me 3 DAYS to decimate and export some props from zbrush, then 3d studio max kept crashing, then for some reason the laptop wanted to randomly put itself to sleep.  Plus, the bottom of it is so hot it’s burning the plastic on my table. It wasn’t meant to be my workmachine, but just ended up that way.  So this weekend, I am investing in a shiny new machine that can handle the cruel, cruel stuff I like to do.

I did however finish up one of the buildings, although there will be further destruction and degradation further down the line too. (I am looking forward to smashing up the windows!)

If anyone knows how to create an opaque glass like surface shader in Cryengine, I would love to hear it.



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