City Scene – in Unreal this time!

Ok, I like the Unreal engine. Spent the last couple of days puttering around in it, and groaning that everything had to be tweaked, reimported, tweaked again, file names changed… but overall, it’s so much more fun and intuitive than Cryengine, plus there are loads of tutorials out there 😉

My project doesn’t look half as good yet as tonnes of the art out there, but I am happy for now – lots of work to do! (and I still plan on starting another stylised scene soon)



2 thoughts on “City Scene – in Unreal this time!

  1. I like your work, I noticed your FreakShow banner! I havnt played too much in other engines, I tried cry engine as was very let down with how it was played out. (Didn’t really give it an honest go). I’m trying to get some feedback in my work so I thought I would reach out and let you know your work has got style!


    1. Thanks, Trusty! I have tried Unreal and Cryengine now, and I do prefer Unreal although I like Cryengine’s lighting system and it’s automatic updating. However, Cryengine is really made for tech people and that is not me!


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