About the Artist



I am a geek of grand proportions.

Art is my raison D’etre.

If it is geeky, creepy, kitch or camp I am there.  I love Supernatural, Arrested Development,  American Dad, and Archer is my idol. I love movies with big explosions or scary incidents preferably with handycam involvement.

I am a collector of carnivorous plants, 80’s cartoon memorabilia and also have a rather large soft spot for reptiles and chickens.  My hair is bright red (generally) and I like sparkly nail polish.

Current games: Dragonage Inquisition, Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed and Secret World…

~ Ally


18 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Just wanted to say Thank you! 🙂 for dropping by my page mjomja. Appreciated.. 🙂
    You have such amazing works! Great to see them! Have a lovely day!


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