Revisiting an older, unfinished piece!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday, and had a nice Christmas!  I’ve not been on here much because I moved house recently and am still unpacking, and then worked some pretty gruelling hours at work… and also due to making art.  A lot isn’t worth showing yet – but I also made a resolution to finish this older piece that has been sitting gathering dust on the HD, so today it was dusted off and a bit more modelling achieved!



Cat Cafe – base colours

I just moved into my very own house!  No more renting!  I can paint the walls bright colours and finally have a garden all of my own!  My dogs are utterly thrilled with the extra space and one of the best moments so far has been sweeping up the leaves while they sundozed in bliss.

Also had time to throw some colours onto the Cat Cafe – hope to finish it up this week


Cat Cafe – block in

This is going to be a Cat Cafe to join the Hamster Noodle Shop I finished a little while ago, Hoping to finish modelling tomorrow inbetween my really large list of tasks!
I’m putting Daryl’s bike on hold for a little while as it’s a huge project and I want to have a couple of new pieces in the ‘folio for the end of the year, and it’s just too big to get done that quickly!

Louis Vutton Case

It’s been a long time since I updated!   I landed a job working in VR and it has been brilliant, learning loads and working very hard – the only downside being that I have very little spare time to work on personal projects!  However, I do have a few pieces at different stages of completion.  This was  quick practice in high poly realistic.  I saw this case on an antiques website and thought it was gorgeous.  It was also $$$$$ so I decided to model it instead.