Steven Universe

Wow, I cannot believe it’s been over a year since I last worked on this piece!  In my defense, I started a new job working in VR, and then last month started working at a games studio so I have been busy… (a major update about that coming soon!)

I’ve been heavily inspired after catching up on the series last night! Spent much of the time on my workflow and direction for the piece though. I want to capture as much of a feel of Steven Universe as possible, but it has been proving really difficult to get the handdrawn/outline look of the show without either spending an insane amount of time duplicating polys and tweaking, or using the inverted normal method which uses too many polys… i’m sure there is a tech way of doing it but I am not there yet! (though I may use the inverted normal method for final images).

Further, just drawing the lines by hand results in really poor fidelity unless each asset’s texture is at least 512 so that’s a no go.

I’m quite happy with the atlas technique I used for the Steven Universe cafe though, so I am stripping all the textures and starting from scratch – it won’t be 100% accurate to the show, but I can live with that if it actually means I get the thing made!

So… have a new floor and a bedcover! 




An older piece reappears!

Still alive!  Just really, really busy, but have made the decision to put more time aside for personal art as I miss it so much, and also because this piece has been sitting unfinished for a very long time and that just wont do.  Two flags made today – not a lot, but a start!


Artstation Challenge – Beneath the Waves

Less thank 2 weeks left and I thought it was a good time to add another terrain texture, for some reason!  Still, getting the texturing underway at a good pace now.  I am also very excited as I rigged and animated my first asset, and got it into Unity with no issues – it’s just the kelp, moving in the current, but I am still very happy about the whole thing!  (next; learn how to make videos of the scene…)