His mother thinks he is handsome.

My entry into this week’s COW over on conceptart.org.

The Ringtail Shortsnout is a herbivore that lives mostly on short grass and old bits of wood picked up from the edge of pineforests found next to the barrenlands. Their snouts have shortened to almost nothing in order to clip the grass as close to the ground as possible, while other species within the family have retained a longer nose to root through the richer undergrowth found in the lower plains.

The males of the species grow enormous, developing thick rolls of fat to signify their aptitude at putting on weight in such a nutritionally low area.  The bulls fight by sheer strength, shoving at each other, nipping and scoring with their strong teeth until the weaker is exhausted.

Females are attracted by their bright tails that seem almost fluorescent in low light.  The male will wiggle and waft his tail side to side, curling and vibrating it to show off his vibrance.


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